Elpida Organics Products Are Better Than Ever!

At Elpida Organics, our mission has always been to help people by creating the purest broad spectrum cannabinoid products on the market. We’ve experienced the benefits of CBD firsthand and are passionate about helping others achieve an optimal state of well-being and live their best lives.

Since the beginning, we have aimed to provide the highest quality CBD products available. That being said, we’re continually educating ourselves on exactly what it takes to do just that. The more we know, the better we can serve others by offering what we believe to be the best hemp-derived CBD products you can find.

We’ve learned a lot since launching Elpida Organics in 2019. Part of our commitment to providing the best CBD products is to use the best ingredients. While we’re extremely pleased with the products we offer, we know there’s always room for improvement.

We’ve recently updated some of our product formulations with ingredients that are superior to what we’ve been using so far. They’re the same products you know and love, but Elpida Organics products are better than ever!

Certified Organic Carrier Oils and Beeswax

From here on out, we will be using certified organic carrier oils and beeswax in our product formulations. In a world where the use of chemicals is associated with so many toxic problems, it’s vital we minimize our exposure to these chemicals if we wish to live our healthiest lives.

When applicable, our products will be formulated with certified organic medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, certified organic extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO), certified organic beeswax and certified organic essential oils.

Why did we switch to organic MCT oil and EVOO? It’s simple. Because just like CBD, all oils aren’t equal in quality. Organic MCT oil and EVOO start out with organic ingredients and use expeller-pressed extraction methods rather than high-temperature, chemical fractionation processes that don’t comply with USDA-approved organic standards.

MCT oil and EVOO both contain benefits of their own, which is why we’ve chosen to use them in our product formulations. True to our name, we believe the organic versions of these oils make for a much better product.

Organic MCT Oil

MCT oil has numerous health benefits, and many health experts maintain that MCT oils should be consumed daily. Some of the benefits of MCT oils include increased energy, improved cognitive function and better digestion, just to name a few. MCT oil also contains properties that could help to support your overall health.

MCT oil has a light taste and is a nice carrier oil for CBD products. We’re proud to say we’re now using certified organic MCT oil in our  CBD tinctures, as well as in our CBD salves.

Organic EVOO

EVOO also contains several health benefits of its own. Olive oil has
been used for centuries and many cultures consider it one of the healthiest foods that exists. It’s an integral ingredient of the Mediterranean diet and is regularly consumed by the healthiest people on the planet.

EVOO also has a light taste and works great as a carrier oil. This certified organic EVOO is used in our natural, mint CBD tinctures. FYI, our natural CBD tincture makes for a great salad dressing.

Organic Beeswax

We have also switched to organic beeswax in our salve. Contrary to popular belief, all beeswax isn’t organic. While beeswax is a “natural” product, there are countless beeswax formulations that contain toxic ingredients such as herbicides or pesticides.

In order for beeswax to be certified organic, colonies must be kept at least 5 kilometers away from any possible sources of pesticide or herbicide contamination. Not only are bees kept from possible contaminants, but the land on which the bees are kept must be certified organic.

Organic standards are also upheld for hive management, which includes the restriction of antibiotics and pesticide use on the hives themselves. Harvesting of the beeswax must also meet all-natural standards. This includes using natural agents such as smoke and blowers. Tools such as fume boards are prohibited, as they use chemicals like butyric anhydride and benzaldehyde. Both are laden with toxic ingredients.

Bees used to source organic beeswax are also treated with the highest standards. The ethical treatment of bees ensures that commercial hives aren’t harvested on a scale that would be harmful to colony survival. To be cruelty-free, beeswax must be extracted at a low rate so there are no negative repercussions to the colony itself.

Natural Terpenes Added to Enhance Your Experience

Research indicates that hemp-derived products that contain most of the compounds naturally present in cannabis could offer more powerful benefits. Broad spectrum CBD oil, such as that we offer here at Elpida Organics, contains cannabinoids and terpenes as well as other beneficial compounds.

Terpenes have shown to affect how the body responds to cannabinoids — the combination is generally more impactful than terpenes or cannabinoids alone. We’ve added natural terpenes to our mint tinctures that we believe will not only enhance your experience but will also increase bioavailability. These terpenes have not been added to our natural or pet tinctures as they can impact the flavor.

The terpenes (and their benefits) we’ve chosen for the new product formulations for some of our tinctures include:

Beta Caryophyllene

Beta caryophyllene is a terpene known to increase bioavailability. It’s commonly used to support joint and muscle function as well as a tranquil mood. It is a soothing, uplifting terpene that may also increase focus and attention.

Common sources of beta caryophyllene include cannabis, black pepper, black caraway, cloves, hops, basil and oregano.


Humulene is another terpene known to increase absorption. Humulene is a possible antibacterial that can help support joints and muscles. Similar to beta caryophyllene, it is a calming terpene commonly used to help with general discomfort.

Common sources of humulene include cannabis, hops, sage, Japanese spicebush, spearmint, ginseng, ginger and Chinese laurel.


Last but not least is myrcene. It has an array of effects, such as supporting a calm mood, healthy joint function and a good night’s rest.

Common sources of myrcene include cannabis, hops, thyme, basil, bay laurel leaves, lemongrass and mango.

Cleaner, Healthier Gummy Ingredients

Our gummies are quickly becoming one of our most popular products. After reading countless reviews and listening to what our customers had to say, we found the demand was high for a “cleaner” version of the many CBD gummies that exist today.

Ingredients in our vegan CBD gummy formulation include: organic apple juice, organic Stevia, pectin, organic agave, organic coconut oil, citric acid, broad spectrum hemp extract and CBD isolate.

We believe a product meant to support health and wellness should be formulated with healthy ingredients. Our vegan CBD gummies are sweetened with organic apple juice, organic stevia and organic agave instead of corn syrup and sugar, because as sweet as sugar might be, there’s absolutely nothing healthy about it.

High-fructose corn syrup (an integral ingredient in countless CBD gummy brands) has shown to lead to weight gain, increase cholesterol, high blood pressure and liver stress. Needless to say, this isn’t an ingredient you’ll find in our gummy formulation.

Live Your Best Life with Elpida Organics

It’s our mission to improve as many lives as possible. We strongly believe in CBD and have set out to offer the highest quality CBD products available on the market.

Our quality is our commitment to you. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do. If you have any questions whatsoever regarding our new product formulations or any other questions about how Elpida Organics products are better than ever, please contact us at any time. We’re always here to answer whatever questions you might have.